Aren’t you just bored with all those slides-based presentations? x=-1000 y=-1500

Don’t you think that presentations given in modern browsers shouldn’t copy the limits of ‘classic’ slide decks? x=0 y=-1500

Would you like to impress your audience with stunning visualization of your talk? x=1000 y=-1500

then you should try
*no rhyme intended x=0 y=0 scale=4

It’s a presentation tool
inspired by the idea behind
and based on the power of CSS3 transforms and transitions in modern browsers. x=850 y=3000 rotate=90 scale=5

visualize your big thoughts x=3500 y=2100 rotate=180 scale=6

and tiny ideas x=2825 y=2325 z=-3000 rotate=300 scale=1

by positioning, rotating and scaling them on an infinite canvas x=3500 y=-850 rotate=270 scale=6

the only limit is your imagination x=6700 y=-300 scale=6

want to know more? use the source, Luke! x=6300 y=2000 rotate=20 scale=4

one more thing… x=6000 y=4000 scale=2

have you noticed it’s in 3D*?
*beat that, prezi ;) x=6200 y=4300 z=-100 rotate-x=-40 rotate-y=10 scale=2

x=3000 y=1500 scale=10